## I'm Rodolfo. I work at the intersections between human and artificial intelligence. I am currently doing a PhD in human-AI creative collaboration at UNSW in Sydney. I also work as a new media artist, programmer and consultant. I am passionate about designing interactions that allow humans to tap into new forms of synthetic intelligence. I am from Mexico and came to Australia after receiving a scholarship to study a master's in responsible AI at an institute founded by an anthropologist. Before that I worked at Google. [[Read more about my personal story →]] --- ## Experience A few places I've worked at 1. **Google** - I worked at Google for two and a half years doing data and ads stuff. The rumours are true: I did work between massages and ping pong sessions. [[My time at Google|Learn more→]] 2. **CSIRO** - I worked at Australia's science agency doing AI for environmental management. Once I got on a helicopter to chase wild bulls and another I was almost ran over by a pack of them. [[My time at CSIRO |Learn more →]] 3. **Humans Plus AI Studio** - I founded a little studio to work and consult on cool AI + creativity projects. I went to Milan Design Week to do an installation and soon I'll be doing one at the Sydney Opera House. It's been fun. [[Humans Plus AI Studio |Learn more →]] [[Experience |See all of my previous experience→]] --- ## Projects I have project obsession. This is my little attempt at putting them all together in one place. 1. **Music of the Sails** - A generative audiovisual installation for the Sydney Opera House. [[Music of the Sails |Learn More →]] 2. **Australian Financial Review AI portraits** - I made AI portraits of the most powerful people in Australia. They were printed in the newspaper and magazine issues, including one in the cover. [[AFR AI Portraits | Learn more →]] 3. **Narrative Device** - I coded a little app over the weekend using GPT3 to generate short stories. Somehow it went viral and more than 200,000 people used it to generate 2 million stories. This was before ChatGPT so people's brains were pretty blown. [[Narrative Device | Learn more →]] [[All projects |See more past projects→]] --- ## Media Somehow people started reaching out to me to talk about AI. I guess there aren't many folks doing a PhD in AI creativity. Great timing. - [**Interview on the Rise of AI**](#link-to-video) - Channel 7 news - <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/2axNj3YRMoo?start=145" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> - [**I used to work at Google, and now I'm an AI researcher: Here's why slowing down AI development is wise**](https://theconversation.com/i-used-to-work-at-google-and-now-im-an-ai-researcher-heres-why-slowing-down-ai-development-is-wise-202944) - _The Conversation_ - [**Indigenous rangers to use "SpaceCows" program to protect sacred sites and rock art from feral herds**](https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/sep/15/indigenous-rangers-to-use-spacecows-program-to-protect-sacred-sites-and-rock-art-from-feral-herds) - _The Guardian_ - [**How will AI change our understanding of Art**](#link-to-podcast) - ABC Radio, The Art Show [See all media appearances →](#link-to-all-media) --- ## Research Some of my published research: 1. **A Framework for Dialogue-Based Human-AI Creative Collaboration** - A study on [specific topic]. Published in 2022 CHI 2022 Workshop on Generative AI and HCI, New Orleans ’22. [Read Abstract](#link-to-abstract-A) | [Download Full Paper](#link-to-full-paper-A) 2. **Using GPT-3 to Achieve Semantically Relevant Data Sonificiation for an Art Installation** Published in Artificial Intelligence in Music, Sound, Art and Design: 12th International Conference, Brno, Czech Republic ’23. [Read Abstract](#link-to-abstract-B) | [Download Full Paper](#link-to-full-paper-B) 3. **The Human-Built Environment-Natural Environment Relation-An Immersive Multisensory Exploration with ’System of a Sound’** Published in 28th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, Sydney, Australia ’23 --- ## Education I like learning. 1. **PhD student, Human-AI creative collaboration**, UNSW School of Art and Design - Part of an ARC funded project developing a new model of human-AI interaction. [Learn more →](#link-to-detailed-project-A) 2. **Master in Applied Cybernetics** - Genevie Bell is an antrhopologist of technology. She founded an institute at the Australian National Uni to bring a social science lens to AI and technology. She put out a call to come join her in Australia to I quit my job at Google in Mexico City and came [Learn more →](#link-to-detailed-project-B) 3. **Bachelor in Computer Engineering** - Started studying Economics but switched to computer engineering after I read a book on AI. [Learn more →](#link-to-detailed-project-C) --- ## Socials Connect with me on these platforms: - [Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/minds_and_machines/) - [GitHub](https://github.com/rodolfoocampo) - [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/rocampob/) - [Twitter](https://twitter.com/_RodolfoOcampo) --- © [Rodolfo Ocampo], [2023]. All rights reserved.